The process of PhantomJS called by PHP under Windows server 2008 is slow


I’m developing app by Phantom.js2 and PHP5.6 .
The exec processing in php, we have continued to further processing to pick up the return value of the processing, which threw in command.
Perhaps because I’m using an external command, but is absolutely the process is slow (until the start of the command is slow?)
Do you know any way to speed up this.

For example.
From PHP call Phantom.js. 10seconds needs.
Phantom.js scraping needs 3seconds.


<?php var_dump( exec(‘C:/sample/bin/phantomjs C:/sample/hello.js ', $out, $ret) ); - We use $out、$ret for processing ?>

One opinion
Linux6 is much better than Windows ??
How do you think of this opinion.